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Built Revolution (Ep. 27) | Serene Almomen

The Internet of Things, where all of the physical devices that surround us are connected to the Internet and become super-powered by Big Data, is beginning to impact the built environment. The implications for facility owners, architects, designers, construction companies and those who work and live in these facilities will be massive over the next decade. Our buildings will let us know when they need maintenance and repairs, will automatically adjust to the people in them and will provide an incredible wealth of insight to all of these stakeholders to continue improving how we design, build and operate the built environment. Our guest on this podcast, Serene Almomen, CEO of Senseware, is someone who is on the leading edge of this trend. Her company produces sensors and software that can turn an existing facility or a new facility into a Big Data machine! Enjoy the conversation between Clark Ellis, Principal, Continuum Advisory Group, and Serene Almomen!

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