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Lean and High Performing Teams

Consistently outstanding project results are delivered by excellent project teams. These teams build more than facilities, they build high performance cultures, they collaborate, and they spend their time solving and preventing problems. Continuum Advisory Group’s Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) solutions provide a proven framework and track record for your project team to develop excellence and deliver the results that your organization demands.

Market Research and Analysis

The most successful organizations make strategic decisions that are informed by specific, actionable market intelligence. Geographic growth analysis, new product or service potential, acquisition candidates, competitive analysis, voice of the customer, market sizing and segmentation are all research areas where Continuum Advisory Group excels. Our focus on construction markets, channels, building product manufacturers, installing contractors, homebuilders and owners allows our team to deliver powerful insights quickly and cost-effectively.

Developing a fact-based understanding of the growth options available to contractors, suppliers and homebuilders can make the difference between a focused and timely acquisition or growth strategy and a missed opportunity or poor choice. Understanding the right success criteria and the best fit for growth, geographic expansion or acquisition are critical pieces of the puzzle. Continuum Advisory Group’s professionals bring experience, knowledge and judgement to help your team make the right choices in these high risk/high reward decisions.

Change Management and Organization Transformation

Few organizations excel at making change happen, and fewer still can transform to achieve a competitive advantage. At the same time, most leaders are experiencing a volatile and shifting business environment, creating a more urgent need for the ability to manage change and transform organizations than ever before. Our team provides leaders and their teams with guidance and proven expertise to build change management and organizational transformation into their “organizational DNA”.

Process Streamlining and Improvement

What allows best in class companies to deliver on their sustainable competitive advantages consistently and predictably over time? It’s excellent processes, workflows and procedures. Our team helps clients visualize their critical business processes and workflows through process mapping. Understanding the critical handoffs, decision-making and process measurement allow our clients to execute ongoing workflows efficiently, as well as drive organizational change and improvement with speed and accuracy.

How do great organizations do planning in today’s chaotic environment? The time for setting aside days at a time to dutifully sort through data and develop a detailed five-year strategic plans is gone. Excellent organizations work with internal and external experts to develop meaningful strategic dialogues and use techniques like scenario planning and agile testing to move forward, aligned and on target. Our team of professionals have guided leaders through the planning process for more than two decades and are able to provide clarity, focus and flexibility to help our clients win.

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