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New Interstate Transmission Line Could Dampen Interest in Fracking in North Carolina

Gas-Drill-Fracking1The potential for the use of hydraulic fracturing as a technique to purse shale oil/gas in North Carolina has received lots of attention and recent legislation proposed by the state government might ease the path to using this technique that is currently outlawed.  Two local papers, The Raleigh News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer, have been following this topic.  In preparation of a recent article, I completed a series of interviews with the author, John Murawski.  During these interviews, I shared his perspectives on how the construction of the proposed interstate gas transmission line might positively or negatively impact the desire and economics of using hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina to purse shale gas.  North Carolina has a relatively small and narrow band of Triassic shale that is believed to contain natural gas that can be produced using hydraulic fracturing.  A map showing the location of these NC shale basins can be obtained here.  The article written by John Murawski  was published on the first page, below the fold, of the Work & Money section in both the Raleigh News & Observer, as well as the Charlotte Observer papers on Sunday, June 15, 2014. You can read the story on-line here.

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