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Operating System 2.0 – A Construction Industry Manifesto

Last week, Stephen Mulva and CII unveiled a draft Manifesto, which you can read in full below, calling for transformational change in our industry. Continuum Advisory Group has been a proud partner in this effort, coordinating workshops throughout the country that have provided input for this Manifesto. Our industry is facing disruption. We will either do it to ourselves, or it will be done to us. We applaud this bold thinking.


Operating System 2.0 – A Construction Industry Manifesto

The leaders of the built environment recognize a need to revolutionize the way our industry delivers capital projects and programs to support financial and societal benefits. As the custodians of the infrastructure of modern society, we have a responsibility to achieve almost unimaginable improvements in cost, schedule, quality, and safety performance results to support the needs of our citizens. This can be done in a way that is value creating as opposed to value subtracting.

The choice is ours – to achieve these results in a way that creates value, or face value migration from external forces. To thrive in a dynamic and changing world, our industry must be adaptable, agile, and more responsive to the complex realities we face.

We believe in the following declaration of beliefs and intentions:

  1. We will reduce the organizational layers and information gaps between the end user and those delivering the asset.
  2. We will deploy new financial vehicles to maximize financial and societal benefit.
  3. We will focus on the total cost of facility ownership.
  4. We will embrace true collaboration with better risk management that builds trust.
  5. We will value innovation, creativity, and inventiveness of people in order to meet the challenges in our built environment.

We, the undersigned, firmly stand by this declaration of beliefs and intentions, and are committed to lead and bring about  this change in our industry.

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