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Big Builder “Survivor or Victim” Series: Resurrecting the Estimator

A strong estimator that is trained to accurately estimate a house and understands material management at the field level can be a home-run hire for any homebuilder. Unfortunately, in-house estimating functions were largely eliminated during the downturn. Most builders outsourced their estimating needs, allowed the trades or suppliers to do their own estimates, or transitioned from direct-buy to turnkey. Choosing to recreate an estimating function and finding space for it in your budget may seem unrealistic. But would $83,000 in direct savings change your mind?

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Big Builder “Survivor or Victim” Series: Part 1

While Trade Capacity Concerns Take A Breather, Smart Builders Take Advantage

How well do you know the supply base in your market or markets? Are you controlling the best resources or are you taking second or third best as compared to your competitors? As demand recovers, the ability to control the best trades and crews within those trades is a significant competitive advantage. How will you take advantage of this opportunity and how will you mitigate your exposure to this threat?

Part 1 of Continuum Advisory Group’s Survivor or Victim series, published on Hanley Wood’s, addresses these questions. Read the full post here.

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Survivor or Victim: A Big Builder Series

I’m pleased to announce that Continuum Advisory Group’s Survivor or Victim series is now being published on Hanley Wood’s Builder Online under the Big Builder marquee. The series introduction on how to excel in a resource constrained environment, originally posted on the Continuum Advisory Group blog, kicked off the guest blog series today. Stay tuned for Part 1 of the series in just a few weeks. 

For the full Big Builder, Survivor or Victim series introduction, click here.

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