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Money Ball for Homebuilders

At Continuum, we get a little excited when baseball starts. We love the game, and of course the weather that comes along with it. If you’re in the same boat, our recent Big Builder article is for you. We see a big opportunity for builders to transition their strategy to a “small ball” approach, one that has seemed to work well for MLB teams in the post-steroid era (see the San Francisco Giants).

So take a look at our Builder Online article. When you’re done, you’ll be equipped with ten “small ball” initiatives that will position your organization for success in this new era of homebuilding….and the motivation to visit the closest ballpark.

Take an ‘everything matters’ approach to operations and ‘small ball’ will get you the wins.

If you’d like to discuss in further detail, just click the link below to schedule a meeting. Good luck this year!

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