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7 Reasons the Benefit of BIM Is Now

Building information modeling – or BIM – is a powerful business platform that uses 3D visualization to convey a building’s materials, construction, and architecture. Its complexity and power have made it ideal for large-scale commercial projects…but the time is coming for its use in single family and multifamily residential applications.
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Fighting Fires Before They Start

The 4th quarter is a time most homebuilders should be coasting to a smooth finish. It’s a time to prepare a new budget, brainstorm new strategies, and learn from the highs and lows of the past twelve months.

Unfortunately, this period often finds homebuilders struggling to finish homes in an effort to save their bottom line. The delays and procrastination from prior months come crashing down into a hectic, fiery December.

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Clark Ellis at UBS Homebuilder University: Three Keys to Velocity in 2015

IMG_2589Clark Ellis, Principal with Continuum Advisory Group, and author of the recent article featured on “Moneyball for Homebuilders: Take an ‘everything matters’ approach to operations, and ‘small ball’ will get you the wins”, was recently invited to join an outstanding lineup of speakers at the 5th annual UBS Homebuilder University on April 9th in New York City. The theme of this year’s conference was how homebuilders can overcome increased lot, material and labor costs to build a profitable home that addresses the desires of the First Time Homebuyer. The conference is attended by professional investors who are interested in learning the true challenges that are facing today’s homebuilder, and which builders are best positioned for overcoming these challenges.

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Money Ball for Homebuilders

At Continuum, we get a little excited when baseball starts. We love the game, and of course the weather that comes along with it. If you’re in the same boat, our recent Big Builder article is for you. We see a big opportunity for builders to transition their strategy to a “small ball” approach, one that has seemed to work well for MLB teams in the post-steroid era (see the San Francisco Giants).

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Big Builder “Survivor or Victim” Series: Resurrecting the Estimator

A strong estimator that is trained to accurately estimate a house and understands material management at the field level can be a home-run hire for any homebuilder. Unfortunately, in-house estimating functions were largely eliminated during the downturn. Most builders outsourced their estimating needs, allowed the trades or suppliers to do their own estimates, or transitioned from direct-buy to turnkey. Choosing to recreate an estimating function and finding space for it in your budget may seem unrealistic. But would $83,000 in direct savings change your mind?

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