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Lean IPD or AWP? Choosing Results Beyond Methodologies

Many organizations are making the decision to invest in Lean Integrated Project Delivery (Lean IPD) and/or Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), but you don’t have to choose between the two. In this webinar Kelcey Henderson, President of Continuum Advisory Group, Clark Ellis, Principal of Continuum Advisory Group, and Olfa Hamdi, CEO of Concord Project Technologies, Inc. compare and contrast these popular project planning and delivery methodologies.
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Built Revolution (Ep. 41) | Arlen Solochek

Our conversation with Arlen Solochek, FAIA, Consulting Architect, helps owners consider how different project characteristics, market conditions, internal considerations, and participants' concerns create better (and worse) matches with different project delivery methods. Arlen’s extensive experience on the owner’s side and…

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