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Lean IPD or AWP? Choosing Results Beyond Methodologies

Many organizations are making the decision to invest in Lean Integrated Project Delivery (Lean IPD) and/or Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), but you don’t have to choose between the two. In this webinar Kelcey Henderson, President of Continuum Advisory Group, Clark Ellis, Principal of Continuum Advisory Group, and Olfa Hamdi, CEO of Concord Project Technologies, Inc. compare and contrast these popular project planning and delivery methodologies.
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Introduction to Continuum Advisory Group’s Lean/ITP Series

Two of Continuum Advisory Group’s Senior Consultants, Nate Scott and Kelcey Henderson, just returned from an 11 day trip to India.  Outside of it being a wild, unique adventure for both, full of many cows and heart-pounding traffic experiences, there was excellent progress made with one of Continuum Advisory Group’s global, multi-billion dollar clients. The challenge for Nate and Kelcey? Introduce Continuum Advisory Group’s proprietary Integrated Team Performance (ITP) processing addition to various Lean tactics, to a multicultural Indian-based construction team responsible for the construction of a large manufacturing facility.

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