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GOBA Recap

Where do we find opportunity for competitive separation in an environment with such constrained resources? As a homebuilder, how do we deliver high quality homes to our customers on time with a depleted trade base and high internal turnover? As a trade contractor, how do we establish a productive relationship with the builder that’s built on trust and transparency, in turn allowing us to meet their expectations regardless of our own internal capacity? As a supplier, how do we communicate our strategic capabilities in a way that addresses a builder’s cycle time challenges?
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Get Started Getting Started

When you think procrastination, laziness is definitely adjacent. Procrastination is a big problem in the construction industry, but for entirely different reasons. Most builders learn quickly that outright laziness is not an option in an industry driven by deadlines, high production standards and shifting customer demand. Instead, procrastination in construction is a bit more complex.
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Order Takers or Value Creators?

While those embedded in corporate engineering, construction and facilities (E/C/F) teams have long understood the value they create for the corporate bottom line, internal business customers may not realize the vital role these teams could play in enabling corporate success. The role served by corporate E/C/F teams is becoming increasingly critical to the success and survival of the corporation. The Construction Industry Institute (CII) and Continuum Advisory Group joined forces to better understand the relationship between the internal E/C/F departments and the overall corporate strategic plan.
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Coming Soon: The 2016 Continuum Advisory Group Owner Trends Study

Imagine you’re out on the ocean at the helm of a sail boat.

It’s dark, late at night, and the stars are hidden by the clouds. In the precious light you have, you glance down at a damp map…only to find it has changed. Look up, and somehow the stars seem different too, as if they’ve moved. The rules have changed just as you were figuring them out.

You grip the wheel again, but who is manning the sails? Who is bailing out the water? Can you count on them?

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Big Builder: Hurry Up and Waste

We all know that planning ahead is always wise. Yet in the homebuilding industry, many find themselves in a last minute December scramble.

In a time where you should be discussing next year, drafting a budget and coasting into the holidays, you instead find yourself crushed under deadlines in an effort to save your bottom line. Here at Continuum Advisory Group, we call this the Q4 Fire Drill.

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Big Builder “Survivor or Victim” Series: Part 1

While Trade Capacity Concerns Take A Breather, Smart Builders Take Advantage

How well do you know the supply base in your market or markets? Are you controlling the best resources or are you taking second or third best as compared to your competitors? As demand recovers, the ability to control the best trades and crews within those trades is a significant competitive advantage. How will you take advantage of this opportunity and how will you mitigate your exposure to this threat?

Part 1 of Continuum Advisory Group’s Survivor or Victim series, published on Hanley Wood’s, addresses these questions. Read the full post here.

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